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Medically supervised weight loss program

     There are many causes that directly and indirectly contribute to obesity but behavior, environment, and genetics are among the main contributors. As a family medicine physician and obesity medicine physician, Dr Mejer brings a broader perspective to treating obesity. During the initial visit he takes comprehensive medical history and assesses patients for medical problems related to their weight, such as sleep apnea, prediabetes, diabetes, thyroid problems, anxiety, and depression. He reviews all medications as it is not unusual to find that patients are on several medications that make them gain weight, and substitutes problem medications with weight-neutral or weight-loss-promoting drugs. Each patient gets a customized program individually designed for their specific weight conditions.

     Before starting the program, relevant laboratory and other tests are performed as determined by physician.


    Each program includes:

  • comprehensive medical exam
  • medication adjustment
  • nutrition and exercise counseling
  • lifestyle changes
  • weekly visits with physician
  • body compositon assessment
  • Vitamin B12/MIC injections



weight loss medication
  • Medically supervised prescription medication dispensed in the office (for qualified patients).
  • Medically supervised meal replacement dispensed in the office (for qualified patients)

Read more:  https://www.robard.com/programs/for-dieters/#!/

  • Medically supervised prescription medication

AND meal  replacement


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