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VI Peel

The VI Peel offers a non-invasive approach to healthier, younger looking skin with very little downtime. Enjoy feeling more confident in your skin in just 7 days! The VI Peel™ contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. Medical strengh VI Peels™ improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin; reduce age spots, improve hyperpigmentation (including melasma), soften lines and wrinkles; clear acneic skin conditions; reduce or eliminate acne scars; and stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin.


  • Patients who are pregnant or who are breast feeding
  • Patients who have an aspirin, hydroquinone or phenol allergy
  • Patients who have used oral isotretinoin (Accutane) within the past 6 months
  • Patients who have active cold sores, warts, open wounds or history of herpes simplex
  • Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and or radiation therapy within 6 months
  • Patients with a history of an autoimmune or liver disease/disorder as well as any condition that may weaken their immune system

vi peel for acne

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Phone: 224-347-2564

Fax: 224-735-3461

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